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All One World's
 Ruth Shilling

Slower-paced tours that give you 
a chance to really be there.

When you travel with us...

  • There is enough time to sit & listen inwardly, 
    meditate, photograph, sketch or explore on your own.

  • You order any food you would like at restaurants
    (& bottled water is provided to you at no charge).

  • You see sights not included in the standard itineraries &
    we time our visits to avoid the crowds at the popular sites

SMALL GROUPS: Each tour is limited to 16 participants.

Upcoming Egypt Tour Dates

An opportunity to fully receive 
the gifts waiting in Egypt just for you.

All One World Tour group at the Sphinx - special permission

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The miraculous awaits.

The most valuable part of a trip to Egypt is our own personal transformation - the changes we take home with us. Priceless gifts lie in the temples and pyramids awaiting our listening ears and hearts.

Most other tours only allow 30-45 minutes at each ancient site. All One World Egypt Tours spend a whole day or afternoon.  We start with free time (to experience without pre-conceptions), then we have lecture & questions with our Egyptologist, then more time for photos, exploring, inner listening or just sitting and enjoying it all.  

We seek to have quality time at the sacred sites and avoid the crowds.  To do this, we obtain special permissions and permits that grant us private visits in the Great Pyramid, inside the Sphinx enclosure and for visits to sites not normally open to tourists.  We also visit some of the local families and have a chance to see their lives up close. 

Our aim and purpose is to give you 
quality time at the temples and pyramids.


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February-March 2013 CALENDAR with Tour Options

 "Egypt Enthusiasts' Tour"
Sun, Feb 17 - Thurs, Feb 28, 2013

For travelers who have already visited Egypt and want something more...
First-time travelers who want the trip of a lifetime!

We are offering a new itinerary in February 2013, a 12-day tour and an optional combo-tour with
 Middle Egypt (including Amarna and Beni Hasan) and/or Nile Cruise. Especially designed for
Egypt enthusiasts who may have already traveled to Egypt but want to see even more,
it includes 2 days at Giza, 2 days at Saqqara and a number of special permits to see
sites not open to other tourists. The typical sites are also included.

=  Limit: 20 persons. 5 places left.  =

Optional Extensions before the main tour: 3-Night Nile Cruise, Abu Simbel Excursion

Optional Extensions after the tour: Alexandria, Abu Simbel, Coptic Cairo Day
or Combine with Amarna, Beni Hasan, Meidum (below)


Amarna, Beni Hasan, Meidum,
Alexandria (or Cairo)

Wed, Feb 27 - Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adding this short tour either before or after your main Egypt tour will add 4 days to your time in Egypt.
You can also take this tour without booking any of the other tours.

The one-day Alexandria trip can be substituted for a day tour in Cairo.

Calendar of Dates  --  Pricing

Giza, Cairo, Luxor to Aswan
Sunday, March 3 - Sunday, March 10, 2013

1-week Egypt tour including Egypt's Most Important Sights

Optional Add-on's: Abu Simbel,  Lake Nasser Cruise or Petra
or the Middle Egypt Extension above (before the tour)

Calendar of Dates  --  Pricing --  Day-by-Day Itinerary


"Time & Space in the Temples & Pyramids"
includes Giza, Cairo, Abydos, Dendera and Luxor

Next offered: November 17 -28, 2013

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Specially Designed Tours 
For You and Your Group

We would be happy to arrange an escorted tour for you and your group
if you would just like a short tour or day-tour
we can arrange one for you with one of our excellent Egyptian Egyptologist guides.

Options & Suggestions  --   Contact Us

"Giza, Cairo, Luxor to Aswan" : 1-week Egypt tour
Day-by-Day Itinerary

"Wonders of Egypt" Family Tour : 8 days/7 nights
Day-by-Day Itinerary

"Petra & Jordan" : 5 days/4 nights or 4 days/3 nights 
Day-by-Day Itinerary

"Petra, Dead Sea & Jordan" : 6 days/5 nights 
Day-by-Day Itinerary


Another Popular Tour Itinerary:

"Egyptologists' Egypt" with Amarna
includes Giza, Cairo, Amarna, Beni Hasan, Meidum, Abydos, Dendera and Luxor
Day-by-Day Itinerary


More Egypt Tours Info

 Day-by-Day Itineraries, Prices, Photos and Leader Biographies 

Contact Us if you would like a tour at another time.


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