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Scarlet Wong wearing the Hieroglyphic Ladies Tee

The Hieroglyphic Shirt was designed and produced  by Ruth Shilling for All One World.

Wear a Shirt of Blessings!


Like the acorn that contains within it the giant oak, sacred symbols embody creative power.  From the warrior who paints a power symbol on his shield, to the person who wears a crucifix, to the kid sporting a team jacket, people throughout the ages have used symbols to connect with the greater powers.

The Hieroglyphic Shirt uses ancient Egyptian symbols to imbue the wearer with strength, vitality, abundance, joy, love, protection and happiness.  As you wear the shirt the energies of the symbols permeate your essence like water into a sponge.

Soak in the symbols and 
radiate them to all those around you!

Barbara Daring wearing the Long Sleeved Hieroglyphic Shirt

Each shirt comes with an explanation of all hieroglyphs and the meaning of each line.

Ladies' Scoop Neck

Short Sleeved, 100% Preshrunk Cotton.  Black with Metallic Gold Design: S, M, L, XL

$19 per Shirt
Price includes shipping and handling


Men's-sized Sweatshirts
All colors are 9 oz. 95% cotton

Men's-sized Black with Metallic Gold Design:  XL only
Men's-sized Navy with Metallic Gold Design: XL, 2XL

$29 per Sweatshirt
Price includes shipping and handling


To ORDER your Hieroglyphic Shirt:

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Checks can also be mailed, but this will take longer.

Email:   Telephone: 1-401-284-0263


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